temple beth shalom

Zoom Friday Night Services 

Although the Temple Beth Shalom Building is currently closed for services, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and Pennsylvania State Guidelines in the Stay At Home Order, we are planning on holding remote Friday Night Services through Zoom.

Services will be held Friday nights at 7:00 PM on a schedule to be published.  Our next planned Shabbat Service will be May 1, 2020.  Members and Friends of Temple Beth Shalom will receive notice of these services by e-mail and Weekly Bulletins.  If you are interested in joining our services, please contact our office at (717) 697-2662, or at tbshalom@gmail.com.

We continue to use the Kol Haneshmah: Shabbat Vehagim Prayer Book for Shabbat and Holidays.  If you have a copy at home, please use it to follow along.

If you do not have a copy at home, you can download a PDF of just the Friday Night Service here.

During the Counting of the Omer, you can download a PDF of that portion of the Service here. 

If you don’t have a Prayer Book and don’t feel comfortable navigating a PDF during the Service, we will be providing screens for the bulk of the Service so you can follow along in Zoom without additional materials or preparation.