The Image of Freedom

As we gather in our homes and at TBS for the Passover Seder, of the many themes explored in the Hagaddah, I want to focus on the image of freedom. Whether we focus on the Exodus from Egypt, the freeing of the Jews of the Soviet Union moving to modern Israel, or the freedom of the new images such as women as Rabbis, we as Jews celebrate the gift of freedom, in a physical, spiritual and communal sense. In all cases, there are two parts to the experience of freedom. First, what are we freeing our lives from? Second, what new responsibilities come with this freedom?

As we tell the Passover story, let us reflect with our families and friends, on the freedoms we have gained, how to maintain our freedoms and how, in the future, we will face new challenges of freedoms yet to be experienced. Have a wonderful and sweet Pesach!

Rabbi Grossman

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