temple beth shalom

TBS Sisterhood membership is committed to furthering the religious and cultural interests of its members. Our goal is to support the Temple Beth Shalom community, both financially and with deeds of loving kindness.

Book Groups! It seems these days they are everywhere, at the library, the book store and your place of worship. Temple Beth Shalom is no exception, with the rebirth of our sisterhood some years back a book group was formed. While our books often have a Jewish theme we are in no way confined by our Jewish identity.

We are a group of busy, energetic women who take time every month to read a book, selected by one of our members. The person selecting the book hosts the group and leads the discussion. For many of us the books are not in the “normal” line of our reading choices, and we enjoy being stretched out of our comfort zones.

Our group welcomes synagogue members and our friends and neighbors. We are very supportive of each other as we explore the stories we read and diverge into our life experiences. If this sounds like something you would like to explore please contact the synagogue office or Andi Russell for details of our upcoming titles and meeting dates.

We're currently reading Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas. 

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