temple beth shalom

For younger Jews, 35 years old or younger, Temple Beth Shalom offers a special membership category.  Each household* can belong to Temple Beth Shalom on a monthly commitment; with at least a 6-month commitment High Holiday tickets are included.  Payment is due at the start of the month and can be made through the TBS Paypal option.

*A household is defined as an individual or family unit living under one roof, which can include children and parents.

For Jews, where the oldest member in the household is aged 30 and under, the monthly dues are one Chai, or $18 ($216 per year).

For Jews, where the oldest member in the household is aged 31-35, the monthly dues are two Chai, or $36 ($432 per year).

After age 35, Temple Beth Shalom provides more traditional but affordable membership categories.  Members are asked to make a full-year commitment, which includes High Holiday tickets.  Payment plans are available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis using check or the TBS Paypal options.

There are two categories of Traditional Membership:

Individual member

Household membership (as defined above)

Please contact the TBS Office for the 2016-17 dues in the relevant category.


Associate Members -

Friends of Temple Beth Shalom


Younger Members

Former members, individuals and families that belong to other synagogues in the Greater Harrisburg Community, and other Friends of Temple Beth Shalom may apply for Associate Membership.  Associate membership comes with no voting rights or the right to hold office.

Associate membership dues are assessed at $125 per year.

Friends of the Temple dues are assessed at $100 per year.