TBS is at a crossroads. At the General Membership meeting on March 20th our members voted to move forward without a part-time Rabbi for the July 2017- July 2018 year in light of the financial status of TBS. This decision was not made lightly. The Executive Board had lengthy discussions and numerous options were considered prior to meeting with the membership. The membership likewise discussed the various possibilities before voting. That being said WE ARE DEFINITELY NOT CLOSING OUR DOORS. We will continue to have services, celebrate holidays together, participate in life cycle events and be the extended family TBS has always been. The board is committed to having a Rabbi/Cantor for High Holiday services and other special occasions. A committee has been formed and assigned the task of exploring where TBS is headed, how to increase membership and how to keep our doors open for many years to come. At this time I will not express my thanks and those of the board and membership to Rabbi Grossman because I look forward to his continued presence at TBS for months to come as we explore the best way to proceed.

Andi Russell, President

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