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MARCH, 2018

Swirling storms open March into downpours on rooves, wind through trees, and sogging rains filling our gutters and overflowing our streets. However it comes, there’s the promise of spring at the end and, this year, hamantaschen in the beginning. Pesach is on the horizon, and we’re heading toward Spaghetti Dinner, Bat Mitzvah, and graduations.

This March, however, marks a new beginning with our welcome to Rabbi Choper. He already has us joining with Kesher Israel to bring Dr. Alan Morinis’s program to the community next weekend. Dr. Morinis is the founder of the Mussar Institute and on Friday, March 9, at 6:30 at the JCC he will talk about Mussar, what it is about and why we should want to know. It is the kick off to many opportunities over the weekend to see Dr. Morinis, to hear him speak and answer questions. He will be speaking on realizing inner fulfillment and realizing your individual path through an understanding of Mussar. More information is in the flyer on page 7. (RSVP to mussarhouse@gmail.com if you plan to attend).

Further, Rabbi Choper has Saturday morning services for TBS members at the Jewish Home. Yes, these are opportunities to experience services every weekend, but it is also a mitzvah for us to enhance Jewish life for the Jewish Residents at the Home. The residents also have family that at times join in the services and this may be a way to connect with others in the community who may be looking for a Jewish connection for themselves.


Michael Tickner, President 

Temple Beth Shalom