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A month into the new year and starting it off with the Eagles beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl! That’s a big “Whooo Hooo Iggles!” for Pennsylvania. As a Philadelphia native who was old enough to see the Eagles win the championship before the Super Bowl was invented, I listened to conversations about the name “Super Bowl” in its first year and heard people say that’s got to be the dumbest name for a bowl game ever; dumb or not, today, I’m proud as could be. On the last Sunday of January, a lifetime before the Super Bowl, we had our General Membership Meeting. The turnout was good, not quite like the big game, but good. The meeting was convened to decide on a proposed arrangement with Rabbi Choper. We are entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Rabbi Choper and the Religion and Society Center with a contract for limited rabbinical services and supports for TBS. After presenting the content of the agreement and much discussion, we called for a vote. The vote was unanimous to enter into this agreement. Rabbi Choper will preside over life cycle events, provide counsel for the president, the board and our members and bikur cholim for those who are sick. Carl is highly respected for his work in the area. Over the years he has been a strong voice for interfaith relationships, he serves as a Rabbi for the Jewish Home, the state prison, and he is a frequent speaker at area churches, mosques, and temples. The Religion and Society Center is a concept and organization formed by Rabbi Choper to foster positive community relationships. Through Carl, TBS will have a closer relationship with the Jewish Home. TBS will have regular Saturday morning services available to us with the residents at the Jewish Home. Through Carl, TBS will also have greater connectedness with the Rabbinical council, the Jewish community and the greater community around us. I am looking forward to working with Rabbi Choper and appreciate his willingness to forge this bond with TBS.


Michael Tickner, President

Temple Beth Shalom