A Message from Andi

Having worked in a school setting for many years, I’m accustomed to thinking of June as delineating the end of the school year and the “official” beginning of summer vacation. Similarly June 2017 marks the conclusion of my term of office as President and the launch of Michael Tickner’s.

The current slate of officers is as follows:

  • President: Michael Tickner
  • First Vice President: ____________
  • Second Vice President: Lee Schiller
  • Treasurer: Neal Rudnick
  • Corresponding Secretary: Marilyn Kranzel Stoner
  • Recording Secretary: Eileen Kranzel
  • Past President: Andi Russell


The First Vice President slot is vacant. I urge you to consider stepping up to fill this position.

There will be a general membership meeting on Sunday, June 11th at TBS at 10:00 am. This is our annual election meeting. Members of the synagogue are invited to participate in the nomination process.
If you would like to nominate someone [please contact them first] or if you are interested in serving on the board please notify an officer by June 7th.

My heartfelt thanks are extended to the Board, Rabbi Grossman, Dr. Elayne Grossman, and members of our congregation. Also special thanks to Debbie and Betty for their office support.

With my sincere best wishes,
Andi Russell

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